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ELA Accounting & Professional Services

We are a team of accounting professionals in Paphos dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes reach their financial goals. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the latest accounting practices, we provide personalized services to each of our clients, ensuring their financial success.

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients

Providing approachable and reliable accounting services tailored to your unique financial needs.

E.L.A Accounting and Professional Services in Paphos has been established to provide the highest quality of professional services for clients who need help meeting their compliance obligations, so they can focus on their core business activities with confidence. Our passionate professionals are dedicated to making sure that all requirements are met in a timely manner ensuring have peace of mind.

With many years of experience in the field of servicing, we understand that many clients had negative experience with their accountants and as a result they were not enjoying the relationship with their accountants or service providers in the past.

That’s why our mission is to overcome such a bad relationship and provide a higher level of professional services than ever before and build strong relationships with our clients based on trust and respect. We are available 24/7, responding to our customer requests within 24 hours of contact so they can always be sure they will receive timely assistance when needed.

Our team of professionals will provide you with solutions and promote your future growth.

We can provide you with corporate and financial services, real estate construction and renovation, architectural and civil engineering, property management, property valuation, legal services and many more.

Our team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest accounting principles and software
Ensuring we provide the most accurate and efficient financial solutions to our clients.
Trust and transparency are at the core of our values
We strive to work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and develop personalized accounting strategies to help achieve them.
Comprehensive Accounting Support for Your Business Growth
We offer

Comprehensive Accounting Support for Your Business Growth

Accounting Services in Paphos

ELA Accounting & Professional Services can provide you with professionals that understand the complexities of business finances and are fluent in the “language of business”.







Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accounting is essential for businesses of all sizes, providing a vital source of communication and information.


We ensure that monthly remunerations and government deductions are prepared and executed without any delays and/or errors.

Taxes & Vat

Compliance with Income Tax and VAT is a path that many are afraid to pass through due to their ever-changing environment in local, European and national laws and regulations.

Audit & Assurance

We understand the importance of transparency and objectivity in financial reporting, and our experienced team is committed to providing high-quality assurance services to drive your business growth.

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Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services provide comprehensive support for businesses of all sizes, from company formation to compliance and corporate governance. Let us help you navigate the complexities of running a business, so you can focus on what you do best.

Incorporation of Cyprus Company
Acquisition of a ready-made Cyprus Company
Provision of register address and company secretary
Company management and administration services;
Registration of Cyprus branches
Registration and management of offshore companies
Re-domiciliation of companies
Opening and administration of Cyprus bank account
Website Development

Property Solutions

In addition, we also offer Property Management services, featuring two packages - Full Management and Lease Only - tailored to meet the unique needs of property owners and investors.

Full management

  • A free rental valuation of your property potential earnings;
  • Full marketing of your property;
  • Preparing and signing lease agreements;
  • Collecting rentals and deposits on your behalf and transferring of balances to your bank account every 3 months;
  • Paying on your behalf all property expenditures (common expenses, garden and pool maintenance, electricity and water, municipality taxes and other);
  • Providing analytical statement of your income and expenses;
  • Check in of new tenants by our staff and showing them everything regarding the property;
  • Performing inventory checks and reporting leaving conditions;
  • Transferring utility bills to tenants;
  • Regular inspections and maintenance reports;
  • Arranging for cost effective repairs if required;
  • Checking out of tenants at the end of the lease and agreeing with the tenants the costs of any losses and/or damages to be deducted from the deposit;
  • Organising and managing any works required;

Lease only

Ideal for owners that will manage their property alone with us only supporting them only with:

  • Preparing and signing lease agreements;

Architectural services are required for any building construction or development.

Our associates can provide you with their services with regards to your needs and ideas.

We can bring you in contact with our associates for further information.

Our associates can provide you with their services with regards to your needs and ideas.

We can bring you in contact with our associates for further information.

Our associates can provide you with their services with regards to your needs and ideas.

We can bring you in contact with our associates for further information.

Our associates can provide you with their services with regards to your needs and ideas.

We can bring you in contact with our associates for further information.

ELA Accounting & Professional Services

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