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Income Tax and VAT Services

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At E.L.A. Accounting, we understand that navigating the complex landscape of Income Tax and VAT compliance can be daunting, especially considering the constant changes in local, European, and national laws and regulations. That’s why our team of tax experts, based in Paphos, Cyprus, is here to provide you with the best guidance and support.

Whether you are an individual or a business, we can assist you in ensuring compliance with Income Tax and VAT regulations. Our experts stay up to date with the latest changes and developments in the tax landscape to provide you with accurate and reliable advice.

By working with our team, you can confidently navigate the path of Income Tax and VAT compliance, knowing that you have the support and expertise of E.L.A. Accounting & Professional Services and its associates. We are dedicated to helping you ensure compliance and maximize tax efficiency, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Our Comprehensive Income Tax and VAT Services

Corporate Tax Services:

  • Registration with Income Tax Authorities: We facilitate the seamless registration of your company with income tax authorities, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

  • Provisional Tax Form Preparation and Submission: Our experts handle the preparation and submission of provisional tax forms, ensuring timely and accurate filings.

  • Company Tax Return (IR4) Preparation and Submission: We meticulously prepare and submit your company’s tax return (IR4), keeping your business tax-compliant.

  • Strategic Tax Planning and Advice: Our seasoned tax professionals provide tailored tax planning and advice, helping you optimize your corporate tax position.

Personal Income Tax Services:

  • Individual Income Tax Registration: We assist individuals in registering with income tax authorities, ensuring a smooth process.

  • Income Tax Return Preparation and Submission: Our experts efficiently prepare and submit income tax returns, alleviating the tax-related burdens on individuals.

  • Personal Tax Planning and Advice: Our tax experts offer personalized tax planning and advice, enabling individuals to make informed financial decisions.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Services:

  • VAT, VIES, and Intrastat Registration: We handle the registration process for VAT, VIES (VAT Information Exchange System), and Intrastat, ensuring compliance with EU tax regulations.

  • VAT Return Preparation and Submission: Our team prepares quarterly VAT returns, submits them to VAT authorities, and ensures timely payment of any VAT amounts owed.

  • VIES and Intrastat Reporting: We expertly prepare and submit VIES and Intrastat reports, ensuring compliance with international trade requirements.

Special Defence Contributions (SDC) Services:

  • SDC Calculation and Reporting: We calculate SDC contributions on dividends, interest, and rental income and submit SDC reports to meet tax obligations.

  • SDC Liability Payment: We facilitate the seamless payment of SDC liabilities, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

  • Non-Domiciled Registration: We assist individuals in registering as non-domiciled for exemption from SDC, optimizing their tax positions.

Capital Gains Tax Services:

  • Calculation and Payment: Our experts calculate and facilitate payments of capital gains tax, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Transfer Pricing Services:

  • Transfer Pricing Documentation: We provide expert guidance on the new Transfer Pricing documentation rules, effective as of January 1, 2022, ensuring compliance with the Cyprus Income and Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law.

Why Choose E.L.A.

Our commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of tax regulations make us the ideal partner for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive income tax and VAT services. With us, you can navigate the intricacies of taxation and VAT with confidence, ensuring financial transparency and compliance.

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Contact us today to discuss your specific income tax and VAT needs and experience the benefits of having a trusted partner by your side. Together, we'll navigate the tax landscape with ease and precision.

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