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Property Management

Property Management in Paphos

At E.L.A. ACCOUNTING & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, we understand that owning property is a significant investment, one that should bring joy and financial returns, not stress and complications. As seasoned experts in the Paphos real estate market, we are dedicated to providing property owners like you with comprehensive and reliable property management solutions. 

Our goal is to not only safeguard your valuable real estate investments but also to optimize their profitability. With our professional property management services, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your properties are in capable hands, while you reap the rewards of property ownership without the associated hassles.

Our Property Management Packages

We provide two distinct property management packages tailored to meet your specific requirements:

1. Full Management Package

Our full management package is designed to take the burden of property management off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the associated hassles. Here’s what this package includes:

  • Free Rental Valuation: We start by assessing your property’s potential earnings through a comprehensive rental valuation.

  • Marketing: We create a robust marketing strategy to promote your property, ensuring maximum visibility to potential tenants.

  • Lease Management: We handle the entire leasing process, from preparing and signing lease agreements to collecting rentals and deposits on your behalf.

  • Expense Management: We take care of all property-related expenditures, including common expenses, garden and pool maintenance, electricity, water, municipality taxes, and more.

  • Financial Reporting: You receive detailed analytical statements of your income and expenses, keeping you informed at all times.

  • Tenant Services: Our team assists in the check-in of new tenants, conducts inventory checks, and manages utility bill transfers to tenants.

  • Property Maintenance: We conduct regular inspections, provide maintenance reports, and arrange cost-effective repairs when necessary.

  • Check-Out Services: At the end of the lease, we handle tenant check-outs, assess any costs for losses or damages, and manage any required works.

2. Lease Only Package

Our lease-only package is ideal for property owners who prefer to manage their properties independently but seek our expertise in lease management. This package includes:

  • Lease Agreement Preparation: We assist in preparing and signing lease agreements, ensuring that your interests are protected.

Additional Services

In addition to our property management packages, we offer a range of supplementary services to enhance your property investment experience:

  • Architectural and Interior Design Services: If you have plans for construction or development, our associates can provide architectural and interior design services tailored to your needs and ideas.

  • Civil and Structural Engineering Services: Our associates offer expertise in civil and structural engineering, ensuring the structural integrity of your property.

  • Construction and Renovation: With years of experience in construction and renovation, our associates can bring your property visions to life.

  • Property Valuation: Our associates offer property valuation services to help you make informed decisions regarding your real estate investments.

Why Choose E.L.A.

Our dedication to excellence, combined with our deep understanding of the local real estate market in Paphos, sets us apart. We are committed to maximizing the potential of your property investments, whether you seek full management, lease assistance, or additional services.

Partner with us to experience worry-free property ownership and unlock the true potential of your real estate assets in Paphos. 

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